Back At It: What, Exactly, “It” Is.

Remember that girl that contacted me on a few months ago?  Probably not.  The situation went like this: she was on a solo 4-month+ climbing road trip through the United States.  She had only begun climbing a few months earlier.  She was looking for partners and places to stay.  I was living in an RV, so that was out of the question; but I did take her up Little Cottonwood Canyon to jump on a climb and show her what SLC had to offer within 15 minutes of the doorstep.

Well, lo and behold, she called me this morning to inform me that, of all of the places she visited during her X,000-mile roadtrip around the USA, she liked Salt Lake the most, and has moved here.  For good.

If that doesn’t make me feel awesome about where I live, nothing would.  This place is so cool and inviting.  Even if she has, since moving here 2 weeks ago, been in a car accident, can’t find a job, gotten her North Face jacket stolen, and is homeless.

And she still loves it.

In other questionably important news, I’m back from a slight stint away from Park City.  Although skiing has remained my #1 priority throughout the season, making money doing it comes in at a close 2nd.  Because of this, I’ve been working like crazy and have been neck-deep in meetings with a bunch of great companies.  These have been facilitated through the wonderful Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, followed quickly by the Snowsports Industry Association Ski Show in Denver.  With both tradeshows wrapped up, I can now begin the slow process of furthering business discussions, which were often punctuated by rap music blaring from snowboard company booths and individuals trying to sell everything from knee-saving ski socks to knitted beard facemasks.

I have a few more video edits coming your way soon, and I’ll be sure to keep this updated as advancements are made both on and off the mountain.



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