I Can’t Go To Hawaii With Nothing To Do. Duh. part 10

day 7: 0 miles (biking) 10.5 miles (hiking)

July 4th!!!



losing me

I almost caught up

...and lost her

regular backcountry sign.

We hiked 10ish miles, atop black volcanic rock ocean cliffs, on the Puna Crest Trail, back to the Chain of Craters Road.  From there, we hitchhiked with a veteran and his wife back to the Thurston Lava Tubes.  We hiked a few hundred yards until we realized the scenery wasn’t going to change: absolute darkness would remain that way.

absolutely dark in the lava tubes. 2011

We hitchhiked in the rain, for the last time, back to our bicycles at the Visitor Center.  We road, in the rain, back to the General Store in Volcano Village.  Our stuff, incredibly, was still on the top shelf of the back aisle.  From there, we hastily re-loaded bikes, and cruised the 6ish miles back to Namakanipaio campground.  We finished the day with 165 miles on the odometer.

It’s weird to sit here, looking at the snow falling outside my window, 6 months after hiking the trail, to think that it’s still there, in the exact same weather.  No snow.  I could never live there.

excerpt from my notes that day, which was less than 2 weeks after a 2-month trip to Asia:

hiking on the lava rock was so awesome. stashing panniers at general store. Lindsay’s first time hitchhiking–4 rides–all very easy (b/c she’s cute).
we’ve been eating such good food.  I’ve been trying real hard to do good camp cooking, and I’m stoked I’m succeeding.  Asian foods. 


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