3 Creative Uses of the Word “Prospect” in Formal Requests for Facebook “Likes.” Team Prospect: Wasatch, Utah.

Being the loyal, daily, unemployed reader that you are, you may recall when I quickly jotted down (or escribir’ed) a note about the athlete meeting held for Team Prospect, the Wasatch’s group of regional Smith, Skullcandy, and Spacecraft shredders. Since aforementioned event’s occurrence, Team Prospect has slowly but steadily raised both eyebrows and questions, with the latter including, but not limited to:

  • Are these the most professional amateur skiers on Earth?
  • Between the 30 of them, how many GoPros, really, have been lost in powder?
  • Am I the only human without Facebook?
  • Between the 30 of them, how many packs of Ramen, really, have been consumed this week?

With a less-than-hostile takeover of Facebook’s membership impending, Team Prospect is seeking your modern-day warfare allegiance (in the form of Facebook “Liking”) to further the Team’s prospect of ultimate tyranny. With your “Like” comes the prospect of free gear, an abundance of ski and snowboard content (often manifested in short-video-edit form), and the (meager) satisfaction of helping a group of fledging professionals advance their respective on-snow careers.

Actually, last Friday saw the awarding of Skullcandy Aviator headphones to a random “fan” of the page. That lucky “fan” must have done SOMETHING right. (I have, literally, no idea if I’m using proper Facebook terminology here. Me talking about Facebook is like asking a skier to announce a snowboard rail jam (which I’ve done (it doesn’t work (at all)))). But I’ll tell you what that “fan” DIDN’T do: ignore my request to “Like” Team Prospect’s page. So head on over to the page, click “fan” or “like” or “bookmark” or “love” or “request phone number” or whatever you do on The Good Book, and support your fellow skiers and snowboarders out there doing pressure flips off knuckles.

And, with complete deference to your cooperation and support, I present you with a hastily-edited video (albeit, using all of my computer skills) of kayaking on Utah’s infamous 6 Water river.

(as always, click “vimeo” at the bottom right for HD version–the only one worth watching.)


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2 Responses to 3 Creative Uses of the Word “Prospect” in Formal Requests for Facebook “Likes.” Team Prospect: Wasatch, Utah.

  1. Chase says:

    Brody! That looks fun! I want to try this Kayaking business that I see here

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