Toe Shoes, and Related Accessories

I make so much fun of those stupid Vibram Five Finger “shoes.”  Why I do it is simple: they look absolutely ridiculous.  But many people would say that it’s impolite and unethical of me to make fun of something behind its back.  So when the opportunity FINALLY presented itself to make fun of them, face-to-stupid-toe-divided-face, I did.  Said opportunity just happen to occur on the island of Maui this summer.

window of shoe store, Maui. 2011

Literally, THE dumbest ad I’ve ever seen, for THE goofiest shoes.

But you know what?  I charged into that store, kept my chin up, and did what I never thought I’d do: asked for a size 9.
But please don’t try to actually sell me these.

2 minutes later:

some random guy that isn't me, no way, definitely not me, those shoes are waaayy too stupid for me, 2011

But what IS IT with Hawaii? On my flight back to the motherland mainland, THESE were in Skymall:

What is wrong with you people!?  Toe -socks, -shoes, -sandals or ANYTHING ELSE are HILARIOUS, and would look way better on hands than they do on feet.


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11 Responses to Toe Shoes, and Related Accessories

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brody your feet have NEVER looked better! ; ]
    Aunt Nettie

  2. maddie says:

    yeah brody!!!

  3. Amy J says:

    I think that you should get those and do whatever that guy on the right side in the middle of the ad is doing. definitely

  4. maddie says:

    your comment just made my day. i hope all is well. i havent been keeping up on your blog. we should probably do yoga again and get tea.

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