Discomfort in Practice

[ed note: originally written March 28, 2011]

5' 1" tall

Speaking of preferring discomfort (which we weren’t), I recently slept in the dungeon with a pile of shoes as a pillow.

To be honest, all it would take is an hour to put together some makeshift bed that would be perfectly comfortable down there.  But, you don’t care about yourself enough to even stay warm, let alone comfortable.  You’re an idiot.

-Nick C*******, roommate and life coach

A concrete slab was my mattress.


The only sleeping pad I had to use at the time was a 3/4 length, 1/2″ closed-cell styrofoam Z-Pad.  My warm sleeping bag was packed for a trip, leaving me with a 32-degree summer bag, which was far from stifling and left much to be desired in the arctic basement, AKA south pole AKA dungeon AKA my room.

But I really, really didn’t care.  I was no more comfortable in that spot than anyone else would be.  The difference lies in the fact that I simply did not care.  I didn’t miss the plush embrace of a good pillow.  Laying in my sleeping bag at night, I’d spend the lightless slumber dreaming of the next morning’s powder and the previous day’s footage.  Without any windows or outlets in the room, lighting–artificial or natural–wasn’t an issue.  Sometimes I’d wake up at 3am, sometimes I’d wake up at noon.  Nothing mattered, because I would sleep.  I would be rested.  And I would wake up to ski another day filled with the bottomlesss Utah snow that I moved across the country to inhale with each storm.

And that, my friend, is all I wanted from last winter.


And it’s all I’ll want from this winter, too.


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