Finally Surpasses Google in Popularity & Content, but not Cute Little Creative Logo Animations

Although those logo animations are darn cute, has finally seen user traffic decrease due to fresh, innovative, and never-before-seen features such as the “search bar” implemented on the right side of

Although not verified by any officials or senior correspondents, unofficial leads have informed me that the increase in popularity most likely stems from the recent review of on travel-guru, appreciator of all things college, and my personal updater on popular culture bad music,  Head on over to Honestly, spend the hour I spent 3 days ago–sweating on a sticky Chinese couch–reading, and then come back here and click on all of my website sponsors.

…even though I am unsure why I even have those links, because this website literally doesn’t generate a cent.

Moab, Utah. 2010

OH.  And BY the way.  You know what wakes you up at 7am after 5 hours of sleep?  No?  Well, I’ll tell you what wakes you up at 7am on the first cool and comfortable morning in 5 weeks.  A COCKROACH.  You know what not only wakes you up, but quickly convinces you to get out of bed and type junk on a computer?  A HUGE cockroach ON YOUR NECK.

Connor DY photo


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