KOOD #2: North Korea is ‘Boardwalk’

Korean Observation Of the Day


A (not necessarily) daily observation from Korea.

Tony: “Connor, let’s play Monopoly tonight.  We need a mellow rest night.”
Connor: “I don’t know where we’re ever going to play monopoly.  We’re in Korea.  Do they even have Monopoly here?”
2 minutes and 1 phone call later:
Connor: “OK, we’re going to a board game cafe.  Apparently those are big here.”

update: we've already gone to 2 of these places.


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4 Responses to KOOD #2: North Korea is ‘Boardwalk’

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hahahaha 😀 This picture is SO perfect! It looks like Connor is winning…

  2. casspaz says:

    Ahhhh I miss you all in this photo so much! I have much catching up to do on your blog but love knowing so many of my favorite men are together.

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