Twitter Dee Twitter Dum

Dear you,

Perhaps you don’t follow me.  You should.

Perhaps you don’t even HAVE @Twitter.  You should.  (Or, perhaps you’re not over 40, don’t watch CNN all the time, and choose to ignore the barrage of influence in society telling you that everyone has a Twitter account.)

Regardless, I encourage you, the same way Representative Weiner engagingly encouraged policy-makers to ignore the Ryan Bill, to at least check out my Twitter page, which you do NOT need an account to access.  There, I post a constant deluge of informative, interesting, “inter”taining, and “in”lightening articles, videos, and stories.  The content of these videos is usually insane action sports.  The articles are often# environmentally- focused.  The stories are often about friends and/or the best# athletes in the world.

You can also keep easily updated on my most recent “tweets” on the upper right-hand side of any page, as they appear there in real-time.

And, if you have a Twitter, you can always tweet any article from by simply pressing the share button at the bottom of the story.

#Unsure if any technical terms in this post were used @#correctly,
all #tw@itter @jokes #aside,
FF: @brodyleven


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One Response to Twitter Dee Twitter Dum

  1. GB says:

    Ummm… You need to check your @mentions!

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