Where Do the Home”less” (I) Sleep?

You may find yourself asking, when you’re supremely bored and there is no snow outside, “Where, Brody, oh where, do you sleep at night?”
That is a perfectly reasonable inquiry towards the life of a homeless skier.
Fortunately for you, I’m here (in the intraweb’s cyberspace) to answer your rhetorical, misdirected, and probably-never-asked questions.

Let me give you two examples of my bedding situations, taken from my current location in Lake Tahoe, California.

And no, Nimbus isn’t stealing my bed.  I was stealing his.

Example 1: A ski house's "junk" room, complete with comfortable sleeping pad and winter-weight sleeping bag

Nimbus on HIS bed.

When your comfort standards are as low as mine, a dog bed, floor, or mediocre tent are near perfect remedies to homelessness.



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4 Responses to Where Do the Home”less” (I) Sleep?

  1. Maddie says:

    hey at least it is better then the cave! haha p.s. where is your pillow?

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