Forgot My Long Johns, Flannel, & Base Layers: Storm Totals=27-48″

I’m chilling in Lake Tahoe, California, staying at a sick cabin outside of Kirkwood for an undetermined amount of time.

Woodstove makes me miss Ohio.

Yesterday was spent trying to understand the cruise control on a brand new Subaru Forester (73 miles on the odometer) with my friend Chanel from Salt Lake to Tahoe.  It started snowing about 10 miles from our destination, and hasn’t stopped since.  Storm totals are in the 48″ range, with 122 mph ridgetop winds and an avalanche danger rated “high.”

it's stacking up.

I’m here to attempt to ski Mount Tom, a 13,6xx ft. peak outside of Bishop, CA.  The wintery conditions are looking less than promising for our objective, but I’m looking forward to choking on Sierra cement snow for the next week…or month.

We’ll see how long I end up staying.  I’ve never skied in California before and am so excited to be here with friends.

Best part of the trip so far?  Although I remembered to bring 3 ice axes, 4 goggle lenses, and 2 sets of poles, I completely forgot some essentials.  My mom bought me a Smartwool base layer that I wear everyday due to its natural tendency to NEVER smell bad.  I forgot it.  I wear long johns under my snowpants.  Forgotten.  I wear a moisture-wicking flannel every day that I tour.  At home.
When I got back to Salt Lake from Eagle Point, I put my base layers in my “laundry” (which is actually a receptacle in which I place dirty clothes and then retrieve them 20 minutes later for another “round” of…use), unpacked, and re-packed for yet another ski trip.  Unfortunately, I somehow forgot to retrieve said dirty clothes, although I put them in my “laundry” with full intentions of retrieval without washing.

So, whatever.  I don’t have anything to wear.

I hope my friends do.

Or I’ll ski naked.


I don’t care.


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2 Responses to Forgot My Long Johns, Flannel, & Base Layers: Storm Totals=27-48″

  1. Maddie says:

    haha that sucks. I hate being cold so I can only imagine. Cabin looks so comfy though, kinda jealous… Have fun Brody.

  2. GB says:

    Well, skiing naked might allow you to have a completely different kind of adventure: jail and the subsequent legal system. 😉

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