Dirtbag Diaries & The Epitome of a "Home" Video

I choose to live the journey.  The quest.  The present.  The move.  The movement.  The moment.  That is how to live life, and not just tolerate it.  I don’t bother over-thinking the past or present. How much is “over”-thinking? Any amount beyond simple consideration. Hindsight is frustrating and foresight is a waste of time; the more I think about the future, the less I’ll ever live it.

I’ve lived out of a backpack (or bike panniers) for the past 8 months.
The value of my outdoor gear exceeds that of my life’s savings.

I drive a 15-year-old vehicle with 173,300 miles on it.

Those who volunteer for causes they feel strongly about inspire me to live virtuously.
I’ve spent 1.5 years, 24 hours a day, sitting on chairlifts.
I have no idea where I’m going to sleep tomorrow evening.  And I’m not worried.
I prefer open spaces to malls; shivering to sitting; stars to movie stars.
My body has lovingly endured: broken thumbs (x5 +), class 3 concussions (x2), broken tibias (x2), broken fibulas (x2), fractured back, fractured shins (x2), broken foot, sprained ankles, frostbite, torn MCL, torn meniscus, severed finger, lacerated head, destroyed face, horrible body-covering road rash, bone spurred feet, etc.
Willingly and purposely, I’ve purchased plane tickets with 10+ hour layovers, Christmas morning take-offs, and 15+ hour legs in order to save less than $50.
I’ve slept in a snow cave for weeks.  I don’t own a bed, but do own 4 sleeping bags.
Days have passed without a word of English coming from my mouth.
Days have passed without a word coming from my mouth.
Days have passed without me seeing another person.
I’d rather listen to a harmonica beside a campfire in the desert than the Beatles, or Hendrix.  Or anyone.  In-person.  Live. In 1964.
Over-consumption, deforestation, climate change, and cities terrify me.
Hitchhiking is a form of my transportation.
My parents say they’re proud of me.
My time preference is perpetually now.
I’m happy.

Watch in HD (please)


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3 Responses to Dirtbag Diaries & The Epitome of a "Home" Video

  1. Maddie says:

    Rossi is such a cute doggie.

  2. Britt says:

    Good news, this does not make me sick to watch today 🙂 I like the music also, it is fun.

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