Canyons, Utah – Day #5 with Brody and the Media Circus

Canyons is so fun right now.  While I’ve only been back in the good ol’ red white and blue for a week and a half, I’ve smiled through some epic days of shredding with friendlies @thecanyons.

Tim (of accidentally left his DSLR in video mode, resulting in this:

I haven’t actually skied very much this season, which is super strange for me since I typically ski year-round.  But because I’ve been traveling for the past 8 months, my season had a delayed start.  Now?  It’s on.

Yesterday, I enjoyed the shutterbug-clicking and jokes (mainly at my daffies) of PROtographers Trevor Woods and Tim Jones (of @tjvideography). isn't a website, but a skier

I’m so stoked to have such great friends on days like these.  Mainly because days like these occur because friends like Robb, Tim, and Trevor.

PS…why are the lifties so insanely nice at Canyons?


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4 Responses to Canyons, Utah – Day #5 with Brody and the Media Circus

  1. Aunt Nettie says:

    Bro I loved the video and photos ,made me smile and wish I too could ski! Is there such a thing , as having TOO MUCH FUN ?

  2. dad says:

    Trevor is a good enough photographer to be in the Leven family! Some great shots. Brody, try to be easy on the filming rights and fees. He is a friend.

  3. bonnie says:

    wow!Brody that blows me away ;Gosh you must have a ball!!nice video

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