Dungeon Twitter…ing

Grand entrance to the master bedroom

I finally figured out how to Tweeter on the TwitterBook.  @brodyleven is my, um, Twitter thing.  You know, like, www.twitter.com/brodyleven

What is yours?

Speaking of making horrible decisions, why is everyone telling me I’m stupid for paying rent here?

I swear the dungeon my lovely bedroom isn’t that bad.

my bed. see it? it's over there. no no, not there. yeah, there. with the mat.

I slept for four hours last night before I got cold!  Pretty good, right?  A couple more years and I’ll definitely be used to it; maybe I’ll even be able to sleep a “full” 8 hours.

Wish me luck.  My -15 degree sleeping bag ought’a do the trick for the time being.  Indoor camping.

Well, actually, I am just sleeping elsewhere.  Anywhere else.  Tonight?  Park City.
And by “tonight” I mean “for as long as I’m (even remotely) welcome.”


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