Day 41: 40+ days, 2400+ miles, Go Have Fun

Today: 48.98 miles                         Total: 2393.9 miles                              10.15.10


I have a 91 year old grandmother as of today.

ooooooooh boy.  I’m home.  It’s actually the morning of the 16th right now, and I’m sitting in the library, at home.  It eels unexciting, and like I never left.  Mom says it’s because it is home, and that’s how home feels–it’s your comfort zone.  If it felt any different, it’d feel like a surprise, and no one wants home to feel like a surprise.

We woke up at AJ’s around 9am.  He had been gone for 3+ hours at that point.  I left a thank-you note on the cot.  He had laid out a big breakfast setup for us, which was so super nice.

he had another whole set up on the stove


I had granola, a banana, and a bagel with peanut butter.  We were biking around 10 or 10:15am.


my sister Chelsea

my pumpkin. and an orange vegetable that people celebrate halloween with in the foreground.

Eventually, we crossed the Rocky River and went to Edgewater Park.


Lake Erie

view from the park's bike trail

We went out to the pier to enjoy the view of downtown.



We picked up the Cleveland Lakeshore Bikeway, which is surprisingly well-signed, and took it all through the park, downtown, over the Detroit Bridge, right through the nice part of the city, beside the Brown’s stadium, behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Science Center, and right down the marginal road.


beside Brown's Stadium


It was truly a complete view of the cool parts of downtown Cleveland, and considering how little time I’ve spent there, it was a pretty neat way to view it.  And it’s important to note that the Cleveland automobile drivers treated us cyclists way better than I may-or-may-not have anticipated.  It was great!.



Great Lake Science Center


the rock hall

We followed the bikeway through Bratenahl and finally turned onto Lakeshore, hit Richmond, and eventually onto our main home stretch: route 6.  We went up the steepest hill of my entire trip right next to one of the Metroparks.  Mom was tracking me online because I was using Latitude, some app with my phone’s GPS.  So techy.


At the rt. 6 and 306 intersection, dad was there waiting for us.

that's dad's white car on the right!


We didn’t talk for long.  Clouds that had been chasing us all day finally started to close in on us.  We jumped on our bikes, and a surprisingly short 5ish miles later, we were about to turn on Sherman–the road we live on!

the last turn of the trip!

I rode so fast to get home.  At Sperry, the last intersection before home, dad met us and took pictures of us going down the hill.  [ed note: I don’t have those pictures, but I think they are cool].

The driveway, which I had been anticipating and dreading since day one, was, indeed, really loose gravel and impossible to bike up.  We had to pull over because Dale, the neighbor, was on his way down (a run-on that never even happens in a car).  I pushed my bike up the grass in the lower drive, saw Rossi, saw mom, and saw Scratch.  We took pictures of all of us just like I’d been hoping.  It felt good to arrive home.  I have a new floor and closet in my bedroom!  And throughout the whole house!  Crazy.  Good job, dad.

my cockpit. displaying how it wasn't too short, wasn't too long



dad wanted to know how hard it is to ride.


so did Rossi. and check out the car's back window.


so did Chelsea. but she needed help.



the whole family, including Scratch in the sling


At night, Aunt Nettie and Uncle Bob and Uncle Ron and Grandma all came over for a big dinner, the NUMBER ONE thing I’d been looking forward to throughout the whole trip: a feast!  It was exactly how I wanted to end the trip and it was GREAT.

2393.3!!!  With hitchhiking=3000 miles!









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11 Responses to Day 41: 40+ days, 2400+ miles, Go Have Fun

  1. jj johnson says:

    Congrats Brody and Chelsea on a great adventure. Thanks Brody for sharing the highs and lows of a challenging ride with some even more challenging weather, especially during the early part of the trip. You have a great writing technique that makes reading very enjoyable, I looked forward to each new post. Thank you also for the really fun pictures too! It is hard enough just completing a trek like this let alone keeping up with the journal and photos to put together such a fun read.
    Of course all that is possible because you have the coolest, and kindest and most wonderful parents and aunts and uncles who throw 100% support behind kids who have some big dreams and who have already accomplished alot of them!
    Best of luck on the next adventrue and say hi to your folks for me!

    • brodyleven says:

      Thanks so much. I never planned on sharing it at all, so I’m glad you found it mildly entertaining. Probably sounded cooler than it was. 🙂 I really appreciate the kind words, though. I’m taking it into heavy consideration when I think about continuing this nonsense… And you’re so right–the last thing I wanted to do each day was take pictures and write in my stupid journal, ha.
      Yeah, I guess my parents are OK, too.

  2. ESmith says:

    Hey, Congratulations Brody. I learned about your website on NewSchoolers. I have been reading from your first post and then daily ever since. It really seems like you had a great trip. It is really inspiring. It is great to see someone actually doing something. I hope everything is going well and that you are able to keep posting on here in some form or another. I know you are going to or are in India so I am excited to hear about that.

    • brodyleven says:

      newschoolers came through then, eh? someone ACTUALLY doing something? haha, I think everyone does something; the stuff that I do is just a bit weirder. Really weird, I guess.
      I am indeed in india right now and will definitely be continuing to post. keep any feedback you have coming.

  3. GB says:

    Yay! Congrats, B-man! I read “today’s” post after trekking around Victoria BC all day and whilst at the top of the Spacd Needle. I felt like it wouldn’t have been right to read it at home on my couch. 😉
    Can’t wait for the India adventure to “start”! Love yo face!

  4. Mads says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure Brody. Loved reading every post. I’m glad you didn’t have any major injuries on your trip. Looking forward to read more of your adventures.
    p.s. Those are some sick tan lines. Way to represent.

  5. Maddie says:

    done and done! Hope it lasts…

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