Day 39: Define “Fun”

Today: 100.27 miles                         Total: 2284.5 miles                              10.13.10

Spending yesterday with Chanel was really fun.  It was really nice to see (such an inviting) friend.  She couldn’t seem to tell me how happy she was to have us there.  I wonder how much she loves U of M.  But she was so happy to have us there and it made me feel great.

because everyone told me that this isn't there idea of fun.

I woke up at 7:50am and moved all of our bags from Chanel’s room to the porch.  Chelsea and Chanel both woke up and made tea.  I made yogurt with kiwi, peach, granola, banana, and apple for the three of us.  We ate it on the porch in the perfect weather that Chanel claims only happens when people visit.  🙂   She sent us with carrots and apples today.

I put on a fresh pair of socks.  Up until this point, I’ve worn the same 2 pair.  But 3 weeks ago, in Itasca State Park, I lost a sock, so I’ve actually only worn 3 socks over the past 38 days.  This is pretty exciting!

We loaded up and said goodbye and were biking through campus at 9:20am.

entrance to the Diag

this is what people do at 9am in the center of campus, apparently. I hope they aren't freshmen! (do you know why?)

State Street to Packard Road and out of Ann Arbor we went.  Today was the most mellow and easy day of biking.  I zoned, it was easy, and I don’t remember any of it.  Booyah.

what tan lines?

It seems as though it has taken this long, more or less, for the biking to finally become mindless.  I might as well ride to the Atlantic Ocean or something!  Not.

We had lots of turns and side roads and stuff to negotiate today.  We crossed into Ohio, which lacked the elaborate and enormous sign I had been anticipating for 2000 miles.  Instead, I didn’t even realize that we had crossed into my home state.  Dangit.

"Mom! I'm in Ohio!" Start cooking! What's that? No, no, no tanlines at all!

From the time we entered Toledo until our exit from the city, it sucked.  I get so freaked out in big cities.  And also, apparently, cities that aren’t so big.  We went over a bridge, through some smelly industrial areas, and through some struggling neighborhoods.  Ohio, the way we entered, is horribly unappealing.  Flat, concrete-filled, smelly, with lots of power towers and telephone poles.  Everything I love so dearly.

We rode 10 or 15 miles on a bike trail to Freemont, which was nice.  I stopped in a big pumkin field and took (and by “took” I suppose I mean “stole”) a pumpkin that I have every intention to carve.

Seriously? More weight?

No shortage.

Chelsea insisted on getting 100 miles today, so at 90ish miles we headed northeast on a rt. 6 out of Freemont.  After 100 miles, I pulled into the first farm house and got permission to camp on the yard of Kenny and family.  We’re in farm country now.  We didn’t stop biking until after 7pm, which is far too dark for my liking.  But she got her first century ride.  There is lightening and thunder to the W.  I quickly set up the tent, we made a bunch of food and “enjoyed” freeze-dried “cheesecake” for dessert.  It’s about to rain; we’re lucky the rain held off all day.

it sucks, SO MUCH, not having kickstands

My trip is so much different with Chelsea here.  Namely, it doesn’t rain every single day like it used to. ha ha.

The temperature is great.  The mosquitos aren’t.


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4 Responses to Day 39: Define “Fun”

  1. Dennis oates says:

    Where is your India blog? We are good friends and neighbors of the tim and Mary you met on benson rd in Tawas Mich

    Thanks ,

    • brodyleven says:

      I’m here in India right now, so more soon. Sparse internet. So glad you found the website, though.

      • "J-D" says:


        Miss you already. Seeing you and the guys was a blast! It was great to nap with you, Cory, Tony, and Connor. We didn’t conserve water or electricity that well but boy did we conserve bed-space!!!

        Katherine’s wedding was awesome. And now it’s back to school, study, study, school… etc.

        Anyway, I’m at the library and can’t focus so I wanted to read about your continued excursion (with Tony).

        Peace bro

        jim d

        • brodyleven says:

          keep not focusing and thinking about how awesome the wedding was. It’s a great use of time, in my opinion.

          so, so glad you came to India, Jim. Time well spent, for sure. Talk to you soon!

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