Day 36: Do Something Fun!

Today: 86.79 miles      Total: 2082.8 miles        10.10.10 (Y3K? does the world end?)

I’m currently sitting upright on the little couch that I slept on, during the sunrise, in a beach house, reading, in my sleeping bag.

you can unzip it to have arm holes!

I finished Mountains Beyond Mountains and realized that Paul Farmer, whom the book documents, is a very inspired individual.  He’s had SO much going on simultaneously throughout his life.  He forced himself to become operable, at the highest level, on such little sleep with such a busy schedule.  I think that’s really cool.  Parts of his personality, at least as it comes across on paper, really get to me, though.  He definitely seems to have quiet an ego.  Like the way that he has his own little language of sayings, completely proprietary, that he expects everyone to know and remember.  And I’m not talking about the way different cadres of society form varying sects of language.  He is just crazy-talk.

We slept in a cool little house.

Chelsea made oatmeal.

I had bought us each 2 bananas as a surprise yesterday in Tawas City.  We ate those, too.  2 hours after I awoke, Chelsea was finally ready to ride.  We biked! Wooohooo!

I was able to zone out really, really well today.  It’s SO nice when I’m able to do that, and I can’t figure out the pattern of when I’m able to and when I’m not.

I was still hungry, so we stopped at a bakery.  Pumpkin donut, 3x monster cookies, and a loaf of iced cinnamon bread that we ate 1/2 of in the parking lot.  We followed rt. 23 and in Pinconning, or somewhere, it turned into rt. 13.  We went through 2 cities that were both kinda hood: Bay City (baayyy aaarrreeeaa) and Saginaw.  We finally got through those and into the country.  Finally.

Every stop, Chelsea was taking forever to do whatever she needed to do–whether it was get something out of a pannier, eat, etc.  I hate stopping.  We got free tomatoes from an old farmer at a roadside vegetable and pumpkin stand when I sought directions and Chelsea obviously sought the food.

We’re in…Albee?  Somewhere between Burt and Montrose, Michigan.  On rt. 135.  Before rt. 57.  Yeah.  A guy I talked to here in this park, Ben, offered us his house, 2 miles away.  It was a really nice offer, but we decided to turn it down since it was already dark and we’d have to set up our tent anyway.

It’s going to be a lot of city riding from here on out.

Dinner. Dinner, that is, before I spilled it all between those little holes in the table.

We both wanted to get 100 miles in today, but we decided to stop here because it was already 6pm, and although the time wasn’t going to stop me today (I feel like I could have biked forever today), you never know when the next park like this one will appear.

so inviting. pretty much begging you to sleep here.

I called my good friend Chanel today.  She matriculates at the University of Michigan, and I told her we’d most likely be stopping by her place in less than 24 hours.  She told me it made not her day, but her WEEK, to hear that she’ll have our company.  That was nice to hear.

Tonight, I’m going to sleep in a train.  In the engine car.  On a playground.

I’d like to thank the gentlemen on the side of a very empty road for the free tomatoes.

home sweet home


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4 Responses to Day 36: Do Something Fun!

  1. Mads says:

    As I read your posts, I keep thinking of the time I road my bike for 110 miles. The next day after I road I felt great and wanted to go riding again. When I got on my bike with excitement because I though nothing on my body was sore, I was surprised that I could not even sit on my bike seat. You are amazing. I have no clue how you sat on that seat for all those miles. Also YAY for free tomatoes! Were they heirlooms? mmmm…

    • brodyleven says:

      110 miles in a day? i’d never want to sit on a bike again.
      brooks seats really DO help for touring.

      is a heirloom a kind of tomato? assuming yes, i have no idea. they were freematoes. 🙂

  2. Hahaha freematoes. That’s the best kind 🙂

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