Happy Solstice: I Made a Christmas Video Masterpiece

Winter is officially here!

I had a dream last night.  The smell of incense and taste of the River Ganges filled my evening slumber.  Instead of puking when I awoke, I decided to travel to India.

Tomorrow, I leave Cleveland at 10:40am.  If all goes as scheduled, I will land in New Delhi near 11pm…the following evening.  Those 36+ hours include a 9+ hour layover in Chicago O’Hare.  On Christmas day.  Alone.  So…I’ve got that going for me.

To compensate for my solitude during the holiday (although my family was wonderful to celebrate it, to all traditional extents, today, a full day early), I have smugly procured a “Santa Hat.”  While some may believe this is an attempt to find any semblance of festivity in travel, it is actually because I despise airplanes, airline companies, and the travel industry entirely, and find Rudolph’s rear end favorable to my drooling on a stranger’s shoulder for 15 hours.  To avoid this at all reasonable costs, I will be enjoying the arctic breeze aboard a sleigh flight instead of Boeing’s 777, The Worldliner (AKA The Boeing 777-SUTSS: Sleeping Upon The Shoulders of Strangers).

On another arctic note, my family celebrated Tuesday’s arrival of the winter solstice at The West Woods, which held a popular and jubilant winter solstice observation.  The event was widely attended and informed guests of solstice traditions from around the world.  We love winter.

Now, I present you with a video from that evening.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.  I hope it’s as special as ours was today.

Check back for stories from India!


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5 Responses to Happy Solstice: I Made a Christmas Video Masterpiece

  1. Aunt Nettie says:

    Raku from Talkeetna AWESOME!

    thank you!

  2. dad says:

    So now what do we do on Christmas, since all the gifts were pasted out yesterday (24th). I have to tell you that whatching you skijour last evening with rozzi, just warmed my heart and reminded me of our years of sled dog racing. Remember, if you decide to leave India early and come home, there will be a skijouring competitition at Punderson. If I recall, you said, “I could win that!”
    Have a great time in India

  3. Mads says:

    Brody, Merry Christmas! That is so fun you are going to India. Do some yoga for me 🙂

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