Day 34: I'll ride THIS so you can drive THAT

Today: 76.81 miles                         Total: 1928.8 miles                              10.8.10




I guessed what time I woke up to within 2 minutes.  I guessed 7:26am.  It was 7:28am. I’ve done that on innumerable occasions this trip.  It was a nice and warm night on the beach.  I was outside to watch the sun rise at 7:45am.  We had Cheerios, powdered soy milk, and a banana for breakfast.  We took our time, letting the sun burn the morning dew off the tent.  At 9am, we rode south into the sunrise.

Before Roger’s City, we stopped at tourist-oriented “40 Mile Lighthouse.”  There, at the light part of the lighthouse (aka “the top“), a PROtographer for the Michigan State Tourist Magazine took photos of Chelsea and I in “the top.”  We had to sign releases and stuff.  NBD.  It was a cool lighthouse.  You know, as far as lighthouses go.

Read it.

From the lighthouse we took a nice bike path that went along the shore of Lake Huron instead of through Roger’s City…that is, we took a nice bike path until it dead ended and forced us to turn around and take business rt. 23 upwind and uphill for a very loooong way.  Finally, we regained rt. 23 and cruised.

We finally arrived in Alpena, Michigan, and went to Cobblestone Cyclery, a place that Chelsea called yesterday when she broke her spoke (the owner was actually going to drive the 65 miles to help us if need-be).  That makes him sound like he’s nice, doesn’t it?  Well, he’s not.  He’s Jerry.  And he’s a jerk.

I bought clipless pedals and got ripped off.  I don’t want to explain how, exactly, he and his son (co-owners of the bike/VACUUM shop(?)) are such jerks, but they just…are.

They spent a long time tuning Chelsea’s bike, replacing all the outside, cassette-side rear spokes that had been ruined from a once-upon-a-time chain jump.  I had noticed that her spokes were all ruined on that side when I fixed the one that broke, but didn’t say anything or do anything yesterday because…well…there was nothing that could be done at the time.  But they definitely all needed replacing.  Anyone who’s seen spoke damage from a chain jump understands what I mean.

warmest day of my trip! doesn't it look like a fisheye shot?

He adjusted her derraileur, worked on her brakes, replaced her spokes, thought he was a god, etc.  At 5:15pm, we finally got out of there and back on the road.  We couldn’t find an ice cream shop, which Chelsea was audibly craving…since I met up with her 2 weeks ago.  We filled water at KFC and rode until the road was back along the lake shore.  It was getting dark, the lakefront was lined with houses, and I was getting paranoid we wouldn’t find a place to camp.  I pulled into a random driveway and asked Callie, a nice mom unloading her car, if we could sleep on her beach of a yard.  10 minutes later, the tent is set up and we’re cooking our garlic veggie pasta.  Callie just came out with her kids, including 16-year old triplets, and some of their friends.


They are nice, NORMAL people, and I’m thankful to have found such a wonderful place to camp with such wonderfully accommodating people.

After she learned that we know how to sail, Callie offered us the use of their Hobie Cat, which was beached near the water, along with use of their kayaks, fire pit, etc.  Nice!  They ski.  I love it.

We’re using their picnic table.
OK, I totally can’t see.  It’s pitch dark, Chelsea is swimming in Lake Huron, and I can’t see what I’m writing.


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2 Responses to Day 34: I'll ride THIS so you can drive THAT

  1. Aunt Nettie says:

    I don’t like Jerry either!

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