Day 32: yesterDAY'S MY BIRTHDAY

Today: 82.73 miles                         Total: 1778.2 miles                              10.6.10

I write this wearing my newly-sewn gloves (which had a finger ripped at the seam since the second day wearing them), courtesy of AN, who taught me how to sew this evening.  Today was a good day (Ice Cube reference, anyone?).

After fruit and Cheerios for breakfast, we were biking into a cold morning on rt. 28 E. at 9am.  Big climb out of town before the “Seney Stretch,” a notorious 40 mile, perfectly flat, completely straight section of road.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  32 miles in, AN was at a nice rest stop with a big lunch of pasties, a local favorite, and some kind of good cinnamon toast, both of which were made and bought locally, in Munising.  We sat at the rest stop for a long time (and enjoyed the pickles that Grandma sent with AN for my birthday gift) (from Sirna’s, a local place in Ohio), and discussed if we should drop S and go over the bridge in MI, or head E and finally N into into Ontario and Sault Ste. Marie, Canadia.  After a lot of phone-googling and map-oogling, we were at a complete 50/50 standstill as far as route choices go.  Chelsea called a Sault Ste. Marie bike touring shop who told us rt. 17, the Canadian highway we’d be on, would be horrible on a bike.  If a bike touring company–in Canada–told us that the road sucks…it made it official.  Michigan it is.

We got back on the bikes, turned S on rt. 77, went into Seney National Wildlife Refuge, saw nothing, then left and eventually turned E again on rt. 2.  15 miles later, we’re riding beside the beaches of a new Great Lake, Lake Michigan.

It was a windy, bluebird day.  And although the wind was swirling from all directions, we definitely were getting pushed for a good part of the day, explaining our 15.5 mph average AND longest day yet.  This was Chelsea and Uncle Ron’s biggest day EVER.

AN is in a roadside pull off, on rt. 2, past Nigmough (?) or something like that, RIGHT on Lake Michigan.  She got permission from the Nigmough mayor to park here.  We’re sitting here, with everyone next to the RV in chairs overlooking the lake, with a great sunset.  Awesome.

swans on Lake Michigan

I'm a sucker for sunset shots

This was one of our earliest days getting done, and our biggest day yet.  That feels nice.

I took my sleeping pad for a splash in Lake Michigan to try to find the hole.  No luck.


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