Day 28: Thumbs U.P.

Today: 71.06 miles                         Total: 1571.1 miles                              10.2.10

Get it? I'm in the Upper Peninsula. Get it?

That is a nice head map. That's a seriously nice shape for a head map.

SAY YUP TO DA U.P. EH!? I never understood that bumped sticker.  I still don’t.

I saw 5 deer and another bald eagle today.  I think maybe I’ve seen a bald eagle in every state so far.  Blackberry pancakes with eggs and fruit for breakfast.  While everyone else got ready, I took off on my bike, heading into town.  I saw a Walgreens yesterday, and I need to get some passport pictures taken and my license photocopied for my India visa .  I’m going to have Aunt Nettie take them back to mom when she returns to Ohio, and then mom is going to send my Visa application in for me.  Why do I have such stupid tanlines in every important document and piece of identification I have?  Don’t answer that.


Peleton shot.

Scratch (our dog in Ohio) got another surgery yesterday.  She’s had far too many.  ANOTHER torn ACL.  And the other leg is now infected after the 3rd surgery she got on it, earlier this week. 😦  Mom and dad were really bummed last night when she was at the Vet ER, but apparently she’s doing well after they picked her up today.

I'm overtaking the leader.

Chelsea and Uncle Ron met me at Walgreens and we rode out of Ironwood on rt. 2.  In Wakefield, we finally got to turn onto rt. 28, which ended up being a great road all day.  Fresh pavement, wide shoulders.  Perfect.  Apples were our snack after 20 miles, and after another 40 miles AN had grilled cheese sandwiches and yogurt and granola and grapes and chips and hot chocolate and nuts and cheese and crackers and yum.

It rained on and off all morning, but it started to rain hard right when we got in the RV for lunch.  Perfect timing.


Good spot for a restful lunch in the rain.

(Not) Destruction of properPee.

World's biggest skier. And a fake skier in a red jacket.

I couldn’t pass up the “ski capital of the midwest,” although we all know it’s Alpine Valley, Ohio.

We sat around the RV waiting for the rain to subside.  I just wanted to ride.  It mellowed and we jumped back onto the saddles.  Soon, we arrived at Agate Falls.  We walked down to see them.

It wasn’t hard to convince them to a bike a bit further.  Though it was hilly, the biking was really good.  Well, as “good” as riding a bike in the middle of nowhere can be.

We rode 10 or 15 miles further over the next hour to arrive in Kenton.  AN, who NEVER misses us as we pass her parked RV, was beeping at us from a camp spot 100ft. from the road.  She’s so good at cooking and watching for us at the same time.  I showered, we waited a bit, and chilled until the ravioli, apple sauce, green beans, salad, and bread were ready at 7pm.  Tea and dessert followed dinner.  We’re eating the most well-rounded meals.  Every food group is always covered.  That’s something I definitely never did alone.

Frost settled in for the evening, and we kicked it.

Chelsea and Uncle Ron and I always talk a bunch each day.  It’s nice.  Rt. 28 is so empty we can ride 3 abreast and just talk the whole time.

Not too much rain today.  It is REALLY colorful, though.  It seems that I’ve been following the prime colors of fall ever since I entered Minnesota.  I’m thinking of maybe not riding down Michigan, but instead going up into Ontario and going home by way of Canada.  Canadia.  We’ll see.  Well, I do have to decide in like 2 days.  But that’s still 2 days away.
I hope we can have another big day before they leave.  It’s looking like Chelsea is definitely going to stay and finish the whole ride with me.

It’s not like this–being with other people–is any better or any worse than how I was biking before.  It’s just different, and definitely more luxurious.  But to me luxury isn’t better (or worse), which is why it’s just different.  I don’t mind at all.  It is nice to finally have family here.  I’m really glad AN and UR can be part of one of my trips.

AN is always really busy.  She’s always cooking or cleaning or doing something.  And she definitely seems to love it, which is awesome.

My shower (which I got AGAIN today!) was clean with clean towels 🙂

Chelsea is saying her knees are starting to hurt.  I told her to lower her seat a bit because I think that doing that helped my knees.  Maybe.  Something, though, has definitely made my knees feel better for the past week or so.  In reality, though, I’m sure they’re finally just strengthening themselves.  But MAN does that outside ligament hurt sometimes.  (ed note: shortly after I finished the ride, I found out something that apparently all cyclists know (which again reiterates that I’m not a cyclist), that the outside-of-the-knee strain I felt, which is horribly painful, is caused by sudden overuse on a bike.  Duh.).

Crazy weather rolled in and out all day.  Big clouds, sunshine, rain, sun, cold (it never hit 50 degrees today).  Another great day.


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6 Responses to Day 28: Thumbs U.P.

  1. Alan says:

    Im definetly hoping this story takes a turn into canada haha. Keep up the writing man, you’ve certainly got a knack for it. Random question but hows the ski season going for you?

  2. brodyleven says:

    Are you one of those Canadian folks? I’ve heard of them, but never actually seen or touched one.

    Thanks for asking about the season. I’ve actually visited home from the time I ended my bike ride here until…now. I’m leaving in a week, but I haven’t skied yet. And I’ve (seriously) never missed skiing more. Are you skiing? Rub it in–everyone else does.

  3. alan says:

    yeah i am canadian, from ontario. my area has no snow, but two hours west has record breaking 175+cm. so my ski season starts this sunday. then in two weeks its a forty hour drive west to revelstoke, bc in search of the elusive powder. I feel like an addict just itching for my fix…

    • brodyleven says:

      A real Canadian! I took a screenshot of this so I can prove that a real, live canadian visits this site.
      wow. i can’t believe it. a real one.

      which place is it that has all that snow? I think 175cm is like 25 feet, so that’s incredible.

      was that a typo? a FORTY hour drive? Holy SIN.
      pow isn’t THAT elusive, is it!?

  4. Alan says:

    Hahaha Yeah I’m definetly real, I actually found this on newschoolers. London, Ontario is where the 175cm is, and thats around 6 feet of snow. And nope no typo there, moving to british colombia after being stuck in ontario for 20 years.

    • brodyleven says:

      right on. once this gets to the skiing content, i hope more newschoolers homies will be into it.

      stoked for you to moving to BC. I haven’t done much skiing there, and am so, so jealous you’re moving there. get some and report back on how it is.
      good luck and HAVE FUN.

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