Day 27: It’s Like a Car, Without the Global Warming

Today: 62.87 miles                         Total: 1500.0 miles                              10.1.10

No. No! It's just too good to be true. In PEANUT OIL!?

Unfortunately, Applefest 2010 couldn’t last forever, and in the morning we had to leave.

There was a sign on a tree at the end of a driveway on Rt. 2 today.  It said this:

It says "have a nice day"

It was a big old satellite dish mounted on a tree.  Bright yellow.  It made me happy.

Almost all of the flies have finally left the RV.  I killed my first one in YEARS because it was driving me crazy. 😦

Great breakfast of hash browns and poached eggs.  And fruit.  And tea.  Yum.
We started biking around 9am from the mean people campground.  I wore my Applefest 2010 pin I got at the apple pie social last night.  It’s a source of inspiration.  First, of course, UR and I had to take care of the DUMP STATION duty with the RV.

Soon, it started raining, hard.  And it didn’t stop until we were an hour from our destination.

20 miles in, in Ashland, AN was at a pull-off with hot chocolate, marshmallows, cheese & crackers, chocolate, grapes, and yogurt & granola, all ready and waiting for us.  It warmed us up in the cold rain–it was only around 40 degrees today.  We had to leave rt. 13 South to get on 2 East.  My first time on rt. 2 since MONTANA.

In Ashland, we went to a bike shop.  The guy replaced UR’s rear shift cable housing.  I never would have guessed that was causing his shifting issues.  Chelsea and UR bought Pacific Outdoor ankle garters.  He gave me an SPD cleat screw–FINALLY I can stop this screw from poking through and into the bottom of my big toe ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.  I took a schrader/presta adapter and bar-end plug from his free goodies jar.  It was a real bike shop, with fixie pedals and all.  He told us of a bike trail to take out of town in order to avoid the busy rt. 2 for a couple of miles.


37 miles and a couple of scenic overlooks later, we finally crossed over the border and arrived in Ironwood, Michigan.  The town started as SOON as we crossed the border, so our campground was only about a tenth of a mile from Wisconsin.  It was about 3:30pm.  It had finally stopped raining.  We had a really good dinner in our campsite after hot showers in the RV.  I still can’t get used to this RV business.  Remember, I was supposed to be camping for 90 days straight?  Yeah.  This is way weird.  But when I pulled into the campground, I was 1.1 miles short of 1500 miles.  As everyone else settled into the RV and took off their wet clothes, I took a ride into town, returning to the RV and getting off my bike exactly as it rolled over to 1500 miles.  No one knew where I went, but I couldn’t help but announce it as soon as I got back.

State number...5. No no, 4. No, yeah, 5.


Taken in complete dark.

We all packed into the RV (OK, so it isn’t really “packing” with 4 people in this monster) and went to the great Conglomerate Waterfalls.  We got there, a 0.75 mile hike in, just before dark.  I took some long exposure photos with my point and shoot and then we hiked back to the RV and drove back to tea & donuts.

So, today’s story.  It was raining pretty hard on a pretty crowded route 2 in Wisconsin.  This VW Golf pretty much slams on his brakes right next to me, causing the 10 following cars behind him to the do the same.  I’m pretty sure he just wanted to read my sign.  He stayed with me for 100 feet, then sped away, giving me an extended thumbs-up.  Which I LOVE getting.  Awesome!

To no surprise (at least not to mine), a couple miles later, there he was, pulled off the road–beyond the shoulder, leaving room for our bikes to pass between him and traffic–and waved me down.  Pretty much instantly, he offered me food.

“Hey! Where ya goin?  Where ya comin from? Hungry?  I’ve got plenty of food!  Here, look!  Have some cereal!  I KNOW you want this apple pie!”

Chelsea and Uncle Ron arrive on the scene, shortly behind me.

“No, no thanks.  Normally, I would totally take it, but I really don’t need food right now.  My bike is heavy enough and we actually our having our meals cooked for us!  But thank you so much.  I definitely wish this happened more often.”

He really, really wanted to give me something.  And he meant it.  I could tell.  Typically, I would have stood there and talked to him for a while.  But it was raining, he was standing outside his car (having already opened his car doors to show me a full load of food), Chelsea and UR were just standing there, and…I wanted to bike.  We had been in the zone, cruising fast and wet in the rain.  I didn’t want to stop.  But he was insisting on me taking food.

“So, I’m low enough income and I can get free food.  I’m coming from the place right now, and I’m never able to finish all this food on my own!  Look at all this food they give me!  They’re so funny, thinking I can eat all this!  HA! HA! HA! HOW ABOUT AN APPLE PIE!?!!?!?”

He obviously wasn’t going to take no for an answer.  So after I pushed away the 5th attempt to give me a pie, he grabbed some Easter-special M&M packs.  These were M&Ms from Easter.  It’s October 1st.

“These will be great energy.  You know you can’t have enough M&Ms!”

He placed one in my hand, then quickly grabbed another and put it on top.  I hesitantly and gratefully pocketed them in the rain, and had to dismiss myself from the gentleman.  He was genuinely nice and just wanted to help, the same way that the food shelter was helping him.  It’s just that…I don’t need it!

But I appreciate him a lot, and thought about him for the rest of the day–mainly, though, I thought about his smiley thumbs-up.

🙂 Thanks, man!  I didn’t even get to talk to you barely, but thanks for being you.

ed note: I’m trying higher-quality pictures on the website, now.  They take up more of my alloted interweb space, but I think it’ll be worth it.


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