Day 26: [insert peace sign] [insert heart] [insert bike (shoddily drawn)]

Today: 46.09 miles                         Total: 1437.1  miles                              9.30.10

This is what my sign says. Today. Well, that day.


Peace, love, and…biking?  GRANOLA! (which I haven’t had for weeks because when I was able to find it I ate it all within 24 hours, each and every time) with yogurt, fruit, and tea for breakfast.  On the road, leaving our lookout over Lake Superior, at 8am.

Lago Superior.

Not a cloud in the sky today.  We rode 20 miles on rt. 13, interrupted only by a bite of snack food around 10am overlooking the lake.  Chelsea’s bike was making some sound in the front wheel that she expected was a spoke.  Indeed, she had one that was so loose it was almost falling out..if that is possible.  Which it isn’t.  I fixed it and hastily re-trued her wheel road-side.  Plus, her back brakes were rubbing, so I adjusted those to avoid intense inefficiencies.  (I thought that it would be funny to let her continue to work twice as hard as necessary, but couldn’t, and relented).

Today was pretty hilly, but the hills were mellow and rolling.  We had TWO (count ’em, TWO) 2+ mile downhills that were complete coasts.   Really fun!


We crested a hill and started to coast with a view of Lake Superior in the distance.








Coming into Bayfield, WI we were mildly surprised by how quickly it came up on us.  With only 46 miles under our belts, we knew we’d have to stop at this town.  It was a really hilly, quaint town.

Cute, decorated homes dotted the street as we entered Bayfield, which houses a population of 600.

Although a population of 600 is year-round, today, Bayfield is expecting 10,000 visitors.  Ten THOUSAND people are arriving in this 600-person town TODAY.  The annual Applefest begins this evening, bringing in apple-growers and apple-connoisseurs from around the country (apparently, we’re in serious apple country now).  Chelsea’s friend, Josh, from Alaska, joined us for lunch at the RV spot we found in a campground.  I met him when I was in AK.  AN made fruit salad, banana bread, and potato soup for lunch.  I talked on the phone to a number of people before we ate.

Then we all headed into downtown Bayfield to witness the beginning of Applefest.  It was my first time riding in the moving RV!

Bayfield is the base town for the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  It is a series of 22 islands that are pretty cool looking.

Bayfield, WI

The Annual Apple Pie Competition and Crowning

At 5pm, we ate some really good pizza at a restaurant, then AN and UR went back to the campground while Chelsea, Josh, and I got apple pie and cinnamon ice cream at the apple pie social.

To be honest, my days consist of, more or less, just…biking.  Yeah, stuff happens.  But it’s never anything huge.  I just…bike.

Tonight is our first private, non-park service campground.  It’s just like I’d expect: HUGE RVs everywhere, mean owners operating the place (long story), zero tents.

We stopped here today because we thought maybe we’d be doing something on the water, but it was like 2:45pm when we arrived, which was too late for a cruise tour, kayaking, or anything else.

I’m definitely looking forward to longer days of biking, but we’re having a blast.

AN got be an awesome toothbush because I brushed so hard I broke mine in half.  Thanks for thinking to buy me one, Aunt Nettie!


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3 Responses to Day 26: [insert peace sign] [insert heart] [insert bike (shoddily drawn)]

  1. Maddie says:

    Awesome post Brody. love cruising down hills and catching major speed. Can’t even imagine two miles of just cruising. Sounds like it was a blast 🙂

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