Day 24: Which Way to Ohio?

Today: 61.87 miles                         Total: 1333.7  miles                              9.28.10


(remember: family has arrived)

Boy is it nice with everyone here.  It has, indeed, completely changed the dynamic of my trip…but I still won’t shower tonight.

Already, their company has made it so that my energy can be used solely, more or less, for biking.  I don’t need to worry about saving energy to find a campsite, set up camp, cook, figure out groceries, etc.  Surprisingly, those things actually take a bunch of energy after getting pretty zapped during the day and all I want, of course, is to eat.  Instead, now, I just…bike.

Pancakes with banana, strawberries, and pineapple along with eggs for breakfast.  Really good.  Oh, and 3 big cups of tea, which is so nice to finally be able to have without worrying about using fuel.  After waking up at 6:30am, we still weren’t biking until 9:30am.  Uncle Ron and I emptied the RV’s sewage, which was definitely the best part of my day.  I love sewage. This RV business sure is a lot different, but for me it’s almost like a hotel room (one that comes with an awesome cook).  (and has wheels).

We biked 35ish miles, stopping once for hot tea from a thermos and granola in a super small town.  We sat on the overgrown baseball diamond’s bleachers.  We took a route 6 county road shortcut E and S, then finally hit 210.  We met Aunt Nettie (AN) in a tiny town where she had pulled over and had hot chocolate, pound cake, cookies, and corn bread ready for us before our tomato soup.  We ate right on the side of main street.

1:30pm we were back on the road for about 25 miles until Jay Cooke State Park.  The last 3 miles was on a nice bike path beside a river.

Bike paths are a nice surprise.

Aunt Nettie found us and followed us the 1.5 mile coast to the lodge, which we checked out and walked around.


yellow water.

Me. Wishing I was skiing.

time to hit the road...

A couple of miles later we arrived at our campsite.  I immediately started working on my bike–something that I literally hadn’t done at all yet.  It has held up amazingly so far, and I want to ensure this will continue.  I cleaned it as well as I could, given what I had.  I swapped the front and rear tires due to the fact that the rear, with the additional weight it holds, was wearing at a faster rate.  I tightened everything, checked everything, and replaced my rear brake pads (which were virtually gone, due mainly to that one hill outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota…like a thousand miles ago).

new and old

It was nice to have the bike rack on the back of the RV to use as a work stand.  I was able to adjust fenders, seat, lube everything up, etc.

Soon, we got a little fire going and eventually had dinner around it.  S’mores were a great dessert.  I made an awesome banana taco s’mores, though, that I learned about while guiding a climbing trip somewhere in Utah.  No one else wanted one.  I guess they don’t like things that taste good.

It’s so nice to be around a fire again.  It’s been almost a month since my last one.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and everyone’s down to bike in it!  I wasn’t sure that this would be the case, so I’m happy to hear I won’t be biking alone.

I’m still carrying all of…well, everything.  Extra food, water, everything.  Which is weird, considering their bikes are empty and they just kind of cruise along.  Not setting up my tent or cooking, though, is a really nice break.  Yeah, I may feel more “authentic” doing it that way (I hear TV’s in RV’s around us right now, while I sit around a fire), but if this is what it takes to have some family join, I’m ALL for it.

We taught AN to make her FIRST s’mores; she taught us that they haven’t been around forever.  That’s news to me.  I’m definitely eating WAY more well-rounded meals thanks to her.  It’s so nice to have her and Uncle Ron (UR) here.  I haven’t done a trip with them in…years.

Chelsea and UR are only a bit tired and stiff, but they haven’t even slept on it yet.  We’re (potentially) looking at a 75 mile ride tomorrow, but maybe that isn’t the best idea.  It’s hard for me to put myself in their shoes since they, when we’re riding, seem to be doing just fine.  That, and I know they don’t want to complain at all because they don’t want to seem like they’re slowing me down when we’re riding…which they’re not.  At all.  I’m not worried about it.  I think tomorrow (like every other day) will just depend on weather and how the day progresses.  How far I “would” ride isn’t really relevant.
…However, if I was alone, I would have ridden further today (but definitely not faster–I didn’t have to wait for them at all).  If I was solo, though, I would be alone, cold, wet, and hungry, too.

It’s nice, we actually TALK as we ride.  I used to talk as I rode, but no one ever replied.  Well, actually, I usually replied.  But that’s different.

This is a nice state park and a real quiet campground (aside from the TV’s)

I sure think they are, but I REALLY hope they’re having a lot of fun.  I am.  And it’s real special we’re getting to do this.

slight change of pace?


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5 Responses to Day 24: Which Way to Ohio?

  1. Maddie says:

    banana taco s’more sound delicious… Love the picture of you wishing you were skiing.. So great!

    • brodyleven says:

      THANK you! That’s what I’M saying. They’re mad good, and no one wanted one. But after I made mine, everyone had to have “just a bite.” It’s a top secret recipe, sorry.

  2. I’m glad you’re keeping up on the blog MC Hammer! Cool story bro (look it up on urban dictionary)…..okay I don’t mean the definition I liked the story a lot 🙂

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