Day 20: Let's All Be Nice

Today: 75.53 miles                         Total: 1124.3  miles                              9.24.10


Ada, MN is awesome.  I slept pretty well (after staying up, hanging out, until MIDNIGHT!) and woke up around 8am.  I chilled in bed forever, and finally got up at 9am, leisurely, and called Chelsea to help her pack.  I had unpacked all of my stuff, so I casually and carefully and precisely repacked.

About to drop back down to earth from the heavens of a hotel room. My glove says "love" on the knuckles.

At 10:30am, I was pushing my loaded burden bike out my hotel room door when the room’s phone rang.  I managed to precariously lean it against the doorframe and run over to answer the phone.  It had rained all night, flooding the state.

Norman County Motel

“Brody, this is Bob.
“Bob at the front desk.”
“Oh, hey Bob.”
“Did you sleep well?”
“Why yes sir.  You may be familiar with these contraptions–called ‘beds’?  They’re amazing, and this was my first time.”
“Yes yes.  Quite familiar.  Hey, you looked hungry.”
“Well, yes I am.  I was just riding away to treat myself to my first restaurant breakfast of the trip.”
“Well, don’t do that.  The fairgrounds across the street is offering a free hot meal to anyone that wants one.”
“Free meal?  ….Even me?”
“Of course, even you.”
“Great, I’ll head right over.”
“I thought you might.  It’ll start in 15 minutes.”
“Thanks, Bob.”

So, across the street I headed to the fairgrounds.

Throw my bike. I dare you to try.

It was a new car showing.  The one local car dealership was displaying their line of new vehicles for people from throughout the county to come view.  A crowd quickly accumulated and I soon realized that I was about 10.5% of the mean age of 2093 years old.  Car salesmen inquired if I–wearing bike tights, 1/2 finger gloves reading “love” and “hate,” and a flannel shirt with a sunglasses tan–was interested in the Viper I was looking at.  Unfortunately, I had to disappoint them with the truth:

Of course I was interested, but I had forgotten my checkbook.

An old guy told me he sure liked a car he was looking at. I said he should buy 2. One for him, one for me.

I had to wait for 20 minutes or so until the seniors behind 4-H’s kitchen counter had finished preparing the sloppy joes, french fries, baked beans, potato chips, cookies, ice cream, coffee, lemonade, and candy that were about to be my breakfast.  By then, quite the line had formed.

First there, last in line.

With about 100 people, all over the ripe age of 70, I still felt as though I was eating alone.  Probably because I was.

My homies.

I ate like a stealth bomber–quickly and quietly, opting to eat only a bun–which dismayed the servers, as they couldn’t comprehend why I, the vegetarian, wasn’t eating sloppy joes.  “But it isn’t meat…it’s a sloppy joe barbeque.”

I got on my bike, feeling mildly ill, and rode back through Ada for the last time.


The morning’s horrible weather was finally coming around, which was nice since I had been expecting good weather.  20-30mph NNW headwinds weren’t a huge help nor were they a staggering burden. Those big, dark, puffy clouds of autumn took over the skies for the first time in 20 days.  I was riding, riding, riding.

Let’s recap what Ada had offered me, before I refer to its last offering–a not-so-nice one–that left me with a mildly different, yet comical, taste in my mouth.

  • a beautiful sheriff
  • an accommodating sheriff’s office with advice
  • a comfortable Dekko Community Center
  • an escape from a monsoon
  • Joyce
  • a free Subway
  • postmaster
  • a free bag of M&Ms
  • a book in the library
  • internet access for HOURS
  • allowing my barefoot self to roam around a public building
  • drying my clothes
  • a newspaper article about my trip…twice
  • a free motel room
  • a free cell phone charger (from the underground Guitar Hero champ)
  • a free hot breakfast
  • Bob

Okay, that was a fun recap.

….part 2 coming tomorrow!  It only gets better.


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