Here’s a little background on the trip.

Okay. So a quick explanation.  I graduated from Westminster College in May.   June was spent touring around Alaska with my family.  That will be another entry.  July and August were spent moving to Bozeman, Montana and then kayaking and climbing in the surrounding mountains and rivers.

I tried to sit on the roof and drive through the sunroof, but there wasn't any room there, either.

Granite Peak. Another entry will comprise this adventure.

There, I worked as a bartender at John Bozeman’s Bistro and lived with my friend Robin and his wonderful family.

The Bistro.



The Hills. On a hill.

Alas, about a month before Robin was off to Stanford for grad school, I decided to bike across the country.

Mom’s all like “Brody, come home for Thanksgiving.”  So, I said, “Okay.  But I’m leaving now.”

I purchased a touring bike and all of the necessary equipment, called the first Kalispell, Montana shop that appeared on Google and asked them if I could drop my bike and some gear there for a month before I arrived.  I sent it to Northwestern Montana with a vacationing restaurant chef, and finished up work in Bozeman.

I decided to send it there because I knew I wanted to ride through Glacier National Park, and Kalispell is the first town west of it. So, my bike and gear was on the border of Canada and the U.S. in far Northwestern Montana. Now, all I had to was get there. Hitchiking it was.


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One Response to Here’s a little background on the trip.

  1. Rachel says:

    Brody!!! Your trip sounds amazing! I would love to hear from you sometime soon. Call me or email me? Miss you, love of my life!

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